Voting Service Now Available to All Voters

In 2017, San Mateo County was the first county in California to deploy a Remote Accessible Vote by Mail (RAVBM) System for voters with disabilities. The State of California allowed all voters to use approved RAVBM systems as one of their voting options for the November 3, 2020 Presidential General Election due to COVID-19. This was later made permanent, meaning any voter may vote from home if they have a computer with internet access and a printer.

If a voter does not have a computer, internet access or a printer, this system is available at the Registration & Elections Division, 40 Tower Road in San Mateo as well as local libraries. Marked ballots must be returned to the Registrations & Elections Division by mail; they cannot be emailed or faxed unless you are a military or overseas voter.

The ballot is provided in a screen-readable format as the system was designed to allow voters with disabilities to independently and safely access, mark and print their ballot.

Ballots can be returned using the postage-paid return envelope which comes with a Vote by Mail ballot package or using a personal envelope. If the postage-paid envelope is used, the voter should sign on the provided space on the back. If a personal envelope is used, the voter must include a completed Oath of Voter form, which can be found on the instructions page with the personal Remote Accessible Vote by Mail link.


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Access the service anytime, day, or night from opening day through Election Day. Ballots that are returned by mail must contain a signed Oath-of-Voter form and be postmarked by Election Day.


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  • Go online here and enter your information to find a link to your ballot; or
  • Email us at or call/text 650.312.5222 if you have any questions.

Voters can:

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  • Print a ballot from any computer with internet access and a printer.
  • Access computers with screen readers, screen magnifiers and printers at the Registration & Elections Division – 40 Tower Road, San Mateo, or
  • Email or call 650.312.5222 for help with the Remote Accessible Vote by Mail system.

Remote Accessible Vote by Mail (RAVBM) System

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Use the Remote Accessible Vote by Mail System

Practice on our Demo Site

Voters can now practice using the RAVBM System on a DEMO version. If you would like to access a DEMO version of the RAVBM system click here. This DEMO site simulates the RAVBM voting experience, allowing voters to learn how to navigate and use the system in preparation for a real election. Voters can select their language and font size preferences in the top right corner, read and watch instructions on how to mark a ballot, and practice marking and printing a DEMO ballot.

Note: The DEMO version of the RAVBM System is for demonstration purposes only and cannot be used to submit an Official Ballot.

Disability Rights California Video Demonstration of RAVBM