Law for Builders of Five or More Single-Family Residences in a Subdivision: (effective Jan. 1, 2006, Revenue & Taxation Code 75.12 (1)(B))

Builders will be automatically excluded from a supplemental assessment on new constructions if the property they are building will be offered for sale, and:

  • it is subdivided into five or more parcels
  • a map describing the parcels has been recorded, and
  • the zoning regulations or building permits for the parcels require that single-family residences will be constructed on them.

Look at the law to find out if you automatically qualify and if there are other conditions that might apply.  For information, visit the website and search Revenue & Taxation Code 75.12.

Exclusion for Builders of Four or Fewer Single-Family Residences

Builders of four or fewer single-family residences may be exempted from a supplemental assessment on new construction that is built for sale.

The builder must file a claim for exclusion within 30 days of starting construction. The form is available below and at the San Mateo County Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder’s Office, Assessor Division. It must be completed and returned to this office.

If the builder does not file the form within 30 days of starting construction, a supplemental assessment for the value of the new construction is assessed to the builder upon completion of construction.

If the exclusion is granted, a supplemental assessment is not created until the property is sold.

Builder’s Exclusion for Residential Form