"People First"

Vision Statement 

“To set the standard of excellence in serving the people of our culturally diverse community through a highly engaged professional workforce utilizing innovation and technology to make San Mateo County a better place to live and work”

Core Values

People, service, excellence and integrity are the cornerstones of our values. We share a dedication and commitment to: 

  • Excellence in public service in everything we do
  • The highest of ethical standards: honesty, integrity, loyalty, trust, accountability, responsibility and respect to our citizens and employees
  • Cultural and social diversity in our community and workplace
  • The highest quality service and pride in our work and accomplishments
  • Innovation and efficiency through technology, creative thought and open lines of communication throughout the organization
  • Teamwork in achieving our common goals with flexibility, support and fairness
  • Well-trained employees with dedication to the highest standards of professionalism
  • An attractive and supportive work environment through a positive attitude and respect for other’s time and priorities
  • Continuous improvement of our organization and the services we provide
  • Respecting and valuing each individual we serve

Strategy Map

stragegy map ori


Strategic Themes and Strategic Results

Service Excellence
Strategic Result:   All customers are responded to with the highest quality services and accurate information in a timely and efficient manner exceeding our customers’ expectations

Governance Excellence
Strategic Result:  Governance ensuring that all decisions are made in the best interests of the people through:

  • Open and transparent stakeholder engagement
  • Fair, equitable and cost effective processes
  • Superior compliance levels of regulatory mandates
  • Responsiveness and accountability
  • Knowledge, skills and abilities of our workforce
  • Achievement of expected outcomes leading to sustainable economic, social, and environmental benefits for the people

Operational Excellence
Strategic Result: Assessments, recordings, filings and elections are completed timely, accurately and efficiently to the highest standards in accordance with the laws

Workforce Excellence
Strategic Result:  We are recognized as highly trained competent professionals who are knowledgeable, innovative, efficient, and loyal with a strong commitment to public service and dedicated to the highest ethical standards.