Upcoming Job Openings

Election Materials Courier (Extra Help, Seasonal)

To ensure the secure and efficient return of election materials to the Registration & Elections Division after the close of Vote Centers.

Vote By Mail Unit (Extra Help, Seasonal)

We will be seeking dedicated and hard-working individuals for temporary, full-time positions to be hired to process ballots:

  • Retrieving ballots from the post office
  • Processing Vote by Mail ballots
  • Operating ballot processing equipment
  • Ballot storage in vault

Election Vote Center Representative (Extra Help, Seasonal)

Voter Center Representatives will be on the front line of democracy!

  • You must be able to provide excellent customer service.
  • You are comfortable using technology.
  • You enjoy being part of a team.

Election Worker - Office Assistant (Extra Help, Seasonal)

Hundreds of dedicated and hard-working individuals will be needed to carry off a successful election. Office Assistants are needed in several areas:

  • Clerical Support
  • Voter Outreach
  • Couriers

Election Warehouse and Field Technician (Extra Help, Seasonal)

Warehouse technicians will be:

  • Inventorying and moving voting equipment and Vote Center supplies.
  • Assisting in delivery and pickup of voting supplies to Vote Centers throughout the County.

Field technicians will:

  • Assist in delivery, connection and testing of voting equipment at Vote Centers.
  • Troubleshooting voting equipment at Vote Centers.

Ballot Retrieval Operations Specialist (Extra Help, Seasonal)

Ballot Retrieval Specialist will be needed to retrieve ballots throughout San Mateo County!

  • You must have a valid CA driver’s license and be able to drive a county vehicle (van, SUV, car) to various locations in San Mateo County

  • You must have a positive work ethic and be able to work as part of a team 

  • Requires the ability to work weekdays; evenings, weekends, and overtime as needed 


Fluency in Spanish, Mandarin and/or Cantonese, Tagalog/Filipino, Korean, Burmese, Hindi or Japanese is preferred for Customer Service and Outreach positions but it is not required.

These will be extra-help, at-will assignments, paid on an hourly basis. Extra help employees are not guaranteed permanent status at the end of the assignment. Overtime is expected.

Student Democracy Program

The San Mateo County Registration & Elections Division’s Student Democracy Program is aimed at giving high school students an inside look at American democracy in action.


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Please do not call the Elections Division or the Human Resources department about these positions.