1. You may apply and obtain a marriage license from any County in California. Please know that each County’s requirement may vary. In San Mateo County, there is no residency or citizenship requirement when applying for a marriage license.
  2. Get married only within the State of California by an officiant within 90 days from issue date of the marriage license. The marriage license cannot be used after the “Expiration Date”.
  3. Return the completed marriage license for registration to the county where it was purchased within 10 days after the ceremony. If the license is acceptable for registration, a local registration number will be assigned to the marriage license.
  4. Immediately after the marriage license has been registered, you may request or apply to obtain a certified copy of the marriage certificate.

Note: The document is a marriage license until it has been registered, at which time it becomes a marriage certificate (FC Sections 300(b) and 500.5).

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