Business Hours: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., excluding Holidays

ACRE services are available to the public by appointment. Walk-in visitors are welcome subject to time and space availability.  

The public is encouraged to utilize the website, phone, email, Live Chat Platform, and Self-service Appointment Scheduling Tool to obtain information and book in-person appointments.

555 County Center


Appraisal Services: 650.599.1227
Change in Ownership: 650.599.1743
Exemptions & Address changes: 650.363.4771
Business Property: 650.363.4501

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555 County Center

County Clerk-Recorder

Document Recordings: 650.363.4500
Copies of Deeds and Maps: 650.363.4500
Special Services: 650.363.4500
Vital Records: 650.363.4500
In-Person Appointment Services: 650.599.1713

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Registration & Elections

Phone/Text: 650.312.5222
Fax: 650.312.5348

Voters submitting a Petition or requiring direct assistance, should schedule an appointment with the Registration & Elections Division.

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