Once at a Vote Center

Here are the steps for voting at a Vote Center:

  1. Fill out a Ballot Request form. You may choose between voting on a Ballot Marking Tablet or a paper ballot. 
  2. Check-in with the Vote Center Representative.
  3. Wait for the Vote Center Representative to issue you your chosen method of voting. 
  4. Mark your ballot. 
  5. Proceed to the Ballot Box and deposit your ballot in the Ballot Box. 
  6. When finished voting, the Vote Center Representatives will give you an "I Voted" sticker - wear it proudly!

Click here to find your nearest Vote Centers and Vote Center hours of operation

How to Vote on a Ballot Marking Tablet

voting instructions step1

To activate your ballot, insert your ACTIVATION CARD, arrow side up, in the card reader at the base of the Ballot Marking Tablet. No voter information or ballot choices are stored on the activation card or the tablet itself.

voting instructions step2

Change the language, text size or screen contrast as desired.

voting instructions step3

Make your selections by touching the box next to your choice. To make a change un-check the box and touch the box next to your new choice. Touch “Next” to advance to the next contest/question.

voting instructions step4

If additional candidates are available, you can scroll through the list by touching “Scroll Up” or “Scroll Down.”

Voting instructions step 5

To vote for a Write-in Candidate, touch the box next to “Write-in.” A keyboard screen will display for you to enter the candidate’s name. Touch “Accept” when finished.

voting instructions step6

Once you have reviewed your selections, touch “Print Ballot” and your ballot will print out.

voting instructions step7

Place your ballot in the Secrecy Folder and proceed to the Ballot Box. Deposit your ballot in the Ballot Box. Return the activation card and Secrecy Folder to a Vote Center Representative.

Your vote is NOT cast until you place your printed ballot in the Ballot Box.