It is the goal of the Recorder’s Division to efficiently record accurate legal documents for the public record.

The following checklist shows the steps the person requesting the recording must fulfill to guarantee a successful recording:

  1. Enclose payment of the correct recording fee.
  2. Make certain the check or voucher in payment of fees is payable to the San Mateo County Clerk-Recorder. Sign the check or voucher.
  3. Verify that the document has original signatures and original notary acknowledgements (if applicable). The document CAN be a certified copy bearing a court seal.
  4. Check that the name in the document caption or acknowledgements corresponds exactly to the signature.
  5. The proper person or persons must sign the document.
  6. An acknowledgement or verification must appear on the document.
  7. The acknowledgement used must be appropriate for the document.
  8. Verify that the notary public signed the document and used his or her seal.
  9. Verify that the property is located in San Mateo County.
  10. The document must include a description sufficient to identify the property in question. This can be a legal description.
  11. The recording process includes photocopying. Documents submitted must be legible enough for photographic reproduction.
  12. In cases where the recording refers to prior recorded documents, the reference must be included and must be correct.
  13. If the document has an attachment(s) to be recorded with it, they must be labeled as an exhibit.
  14. Documents can be re-recorded for certain reasons; the reason for re-recording must be stated on the document.
  15. If the first page does not meet requirements for a document first page, be certain to include a cover sheet with name, address and title.
  16. Include a return address on the document.
  17. There must be provisions in law made for recording the type of document.