In light of COVID-19 and the stay at home order issued by the Governor, candidates now have two options for filing their candidate documents to run for office. The Secretary of State’s office has issued guidelines allowing counties to issue and receive candidate filing documents electronically. Although our office continues to offer in-person filings, we strongly encourage candidates to take advantage of the new electronic filing option to maintain the health and safety of both candidates and elections staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. City candidates should check with their City Clerk’s office for electronic filing options.

Option 1: Electronic Candidate Filing

Receiving Candidate Filing Documents Electronically

  1. Candidates need to provide our office a written request to receive candidate filing documents electronically by using the County’s Candidate Registration Form. The Candidate Registration Form can be downloaded on the County’s website or be requested by phone or email.
  2. Upon receiving the written request from the candidate and establishing the eligibility of the candidate, the Registration & Elections Division will email all candidate filing forms to the candidate in fillable PDF format.

Completing Candidate Filing Documents

  1. Once the candidate has received all the filing forms via email, our staff will assist the candidate with filling out each form by an online video conference tool or by phone.
  2. Any documents that require an oath by candidates may be executed in the presence of the County Elections Official via an online video conferencing service. The oath CANNOT be done by phone. If candidates do not have the technical ability to do so, candidates may go to a notary or visit the Registration & Elections Division to take the oath in person.

Returning Candidate Filing Forms

  1. Upon completing all the filing forms, candidates should provide electronic signatures on all forms before emailing the forms back to our office.
  2. IMPORTANT: Candidates MUST print all the completed filing forms, sign each form, and mail or drop off their completed hard copy documents with original (wet) signatures to the Registration & Elections Division by the close of the Candidate Filing Period of August 7, 2020 or August 12, 2020 for extended offices.

    If the County Elections Official does not receive the completed documents with original signatures from the candidate by the filing deadline, the candidate will NOT be considered qualified, and his or her name will NOT be on the ballot.
Option 2: In-Person Candidate Filing

Visiting the Election Office and Social Distancing

We strongly encourage candidates to practice social distancing when working with the Registration & Elections Division staff in person and ask that candidates take the following steps:

  1. Make an appointment before coming to the Registration & Elections Division to file documents or take the oath. Candidates may drop-in without an appointment, but may have to wait for the next available staff member to assist them.
  2. You must wear a mask and practice social distancing rules when visiting the Registration & Elections Division.
  3. Do not come to the Registration & Elections Division when having flu-like symptoms. Candidates with flu-like symptoms should choose the electronic filing option.
  4. Avoid the last day crowd. Our office traditionally had many candidates filing on the last day of the filing period. We strongly urge candidates to avoid the last day crowd. If candidates want to publish a candidate statement, please file early and do not wait until the last day.

The staff at the Registration & Elections Division sincerely appreciate your understanding and cooperation in our effort to make the candidate filing process safe for everyone during these extraordinary times. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Lead Candidate Filing Representative Michelle Yue at 650.312.5293 or Additionally, you may contact any member of our Candidate Services Team seen below:

Mark Church
Assessor-County Clerk Recorder & Chief Elections Officer
Candidate Filing Officer

Jim Irizarry
Assistant Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder & Assistant Chief Elections Officer
Candidate Filing Officer

Michelle Yue
Candidate Filing Lead