Marking a paper ballot is the same whether you vote by mail or vote at a vote center. The ballots are the same. The only difference is how you cast your vote: in person or by mail.

  1. Use a black or blue ink pen to fill in the red oval of your choice on the ballot. Do not use pencil, highlighter, or red ink.
  2. If you make a mistake and you are voting by mail, you can contact our office and we will mail a new ballot to you. You can also come to a vote center. 
  3. If you make a mistake at the vote center, see the Vote Center Representative on duty, give them your spoiled ballot and ask for a new one.
  4. Double-check your choices.
  5. For Vote by Mail voters, sign the back of the envelope. This is important! In order to count your ballot, we must match your signature on the envelope with the signature on your voter registration record.