San Carlos School District Special All Mail Ballot Election
Official Results

Results on PDF – The simplest report if you want to print a copy each interim report. 

Precinct Report – Preliminary report available after Semi Final results posted at the end of the evening on Election Night.

Statement of the Vote (SOV) – The Statement of Vote will be published at the time of the certification of the election, within 30 days of election day. It is a listing of all election contests by total, by precinct, by cities, by districts, including write-in votes.

Registration and Turnout

Completed Precincts: 23 of 23

  Reg/Turnout Percentage
Total Registered Voters 16,884  
Precinct Registration 16,884  
Precinct Ballots Cast 0 0.0%
Voting Center Ballots Cast 0 0.0%
Vote by Mail Ballots Cast 6,822 40.4%
Total Ballots Cast 6,822 40.4%

Measure P - San Carlos School District

Completed Precincts: 23 of 23

  Vote/Count Percentage
Yes 4,656 68.3%
No 2,163 31.7%