from Center for Independence of Individuals with Disabilities meeting and Registration & Elections Division

(90) Have we considered or will the Elections Division consider choosing a date or several days within the Early Voting Period to visit Nursing Homes or agencies/organizations that serve people with barriers to voting and just arrange to bring DAU's to allow those people the option to vote

Registration & Elections Division Response:
Everyone will have the option to vote with the ballot mailed to their home.  Some nursing homes offer transportation services for residents, and a voter may ask to be brought to a Vote Center.  There are also several senior shuttle services in the County. The Registration & Elections Division will bring a DAU to a convenient location upon request for voters with disabilities. For voters with a disability who wish to go to a Vote Center, paratransit is available with at least one day's notice.  If this voter wishes to come to a Vote Center on the same day, the Registration & Elections Division will arrange transportation

(91) For visually impaired voters large and clear signage is crucial, many visually impaired people or hard of hearing people try to hide their disability and when there are issues with getting the right information they are discouraged and avoid it.  Clear and simple signage at Vote Centers can help mitigate this issue.

Registration & Elections Division Response:
Thank you for this comment.  We plan to create large and clear signage for Vote Centers.

(92) Share Tweets with partner agencies, community partners and they can retweet them directly

Registration & Elections Division Response:
We will include tweets in our online toolkit.  We will also inform partners of our twitter feed.  They can follow and retweet our messages.