Dominion Democracy Suite Voting System

The California Secretary of State’s Office applies one of the most rigorous voting system testing and certification programs in the country. Prior to being certified for use, all voting systems undergo end-to-end testing, including functional testing, source code review, red team security testing with experts trying to “break into” the voting system, accessibility testing and volume testing.

In compliance with SOS certification standards, no part of the Democracy Suite voting system connects to the internet at any time. The system does not receive or transmit election data through any type of external communication network. The system encrypts data and requires successful completion of a two-step authentication process before anyone can access data.

Using Democracy Suite, all San Mateo County ballots will be paper ballots, ensuring a physical audit trail. Voters using ballot marking tablets will be able to see their selections printed on their ballot before depositing their ballot in the Ballot Box. In addition, the Democracy Suite System includes a complete ballot-level audit trail. As ballots are scanned, a digital image of every ballot is created, and appended to each image is a record of how the voter’s intent was interpreted by the voting system. This helps ensure an accurate, transparent and auditable elections process.